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How to be a Better and Positive Person in Your Life

Numerous specialists prescribe taking ten to fifteen minutes day by day to enhance yourself or your life. This could think of any shape. In any case, here are ten recommendations that you may discover accommodating, or may, in any event, help you in brainstorming your own.

We have assembled a portion of the best tips which may be useful in your self-improvement travel. Some of them are straightforward strides which you can take part in instantly. Some…


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Developing an operational model of sustainable recreation,Forest Service southwestern region

Here is a great study worth ready and an excellent perspective on sustainable recreation as a model for building capacity.

Attached are the full files.


Developing an operational model of sustainable recreation: A qualitative study of USDA Forest Service southwestern region national forests



This thesis describes a qualitative investigation of the implementation of the Southwestern Strategy for Sustainable Recreation.…


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Goethe in Love

1783 | Weimar

Goethe in Love

Nature! We are surrounded and embraced by her: powerless to separate ourselves from her, and powerless to penetrate beyond her.

Without asking or warning, she snatches us up into her circling dance, and whirls us on until we are tired and drop from her arms.

She is ever shaping new forms: what is, has never yet been; what has been, comes not again. Everything is new, and yet nought but the…


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Creating a New Trails System Around Mount St. Helens

Here is an article that is going to be in  Washington Trail Association magazine.

This is about work we did as a team about 30 years ago.  With some thoughts that are recent related to sustainable recreation.  I still think these ideas are still the right ideas behind trails and trail systems. While there is science in recreation planning, what is more important is the liberal arts. There is no such thing as a sustainable trail, there are durable ones but there is such a thing as a…


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GAO: National Park Service Needs to Evaluate Its Approach to Tackling Deferred Maintenance


GAO: National Park Service Needs to Evaluate Its Approach to Tackling Deferred Maintenance

Courtesy of the National Parks Traveler

By Kurt Repanshek

As a single figure, the…


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Presidential Memorandum -- Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Our National Parks, National Forests, and Other Public Lands and Waters


A few days ago this Presidential Memorandum came out directing the executive agencies to take actions to promote Diversity and Inclusion in Our National Forests both in our workforce and in our visitors. This aligns very well with our goals in Sustainable…


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How Forests Heal People

A short video that just watching has a calming effect. 

Its more important than ever that we staying contact with that energy that supports our efforts to protect public lands and share with everyone their benefits.



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Creating a Relevant and Inclusive Future -- 2017 National Outdoor Recreation Conference

2017 National Outdoor Recreation Conference

This conference is addressing the most important issue in outdoor recreation management today.  Making outdoor recreation an important vital part of every community's quality of life and to make it possible that the full diversity of the American people feel that they belong in the out-of-doors and see themselves as engaged…


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Special artists create Forest Service mural

Engaging with people of many different abilities can create works of art.

Check out the video and publication link for great pictures.

Special artists create Forest Service mural

• Albuquerque Journal

• 13 Aug 2016

• Joline Gutierrez Krueger


Rudy Via, 30, is an avid outdoorsman and…


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Some Personal Background

As a student at Colorado State I was taught by the people who developed ROS, such as Dr. Perry Brown.  After college I went to work for the PNW Region, where I worked closely with Warren Bacon, who literally “wrote the…


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Sustainable horse back riding

Hi, thought I'd share a few of the ways that myself & my fellow conservation minded equestrian help to be part of the solution! Top down, we engage with the land managers (mainly Nat Forest & Parks but also state Forests & Parks). I am serving on the Nantahala Pisgah Forest Partners, which is a group of stakeholders collaborating to recommend ways to improve the new Forest Plan, N/P being an "early adapter" we're under the 2012 mandate of citizen involvement, which has been very…


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Be the Next Trekker

I had the opportunity to work with Google, the City of Santa Fe and the Santa Fe National Forest and collect street view trail information to be posted on Google maps for free to the public. That is the device on my back which takes 360 degree…


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Developing a Collaborative culture in public land management agencies requires: YES AND

Improv wisdom can help us be much better managers and work more productively with others.

Below is some wisdom from Tina Fay from Improve practice. So often we who are well trained to find fault in everything cannot get beyond ‘NO’ or ‘BUT’ which kills collaboration. It’s a lot more fun to say YES which almost always is the answer to the question ‘HOW’. To be creative and find solutions to complex problems we need to create new stories together.…


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Writing about RecLink

At the moment,  I'm writing up a blog post for http://explore.globalcreations.com/theblog/ about RecLink.  The post should appear there on June 22.  Hopefully it will draw some attention to this community.

Added by Jerry Haugen on June 18, 2015 at 3:57pm — 1 Comment

Latinos in National Parks

Latinos in National Parks

If we want to change we have to be creative..

Forward this message from Tahnee

Hi all - an interesting Latino USA radio program yesterday on Latino visitation to National Parks.  Worth listening to (13 min) if you didn’t hear it…


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If 56 Wilderness, Park & Protected Area Rangers Were Shot in the Line of Duty in 2014....

Poaching is killing rangers in Africa.  Remember that on July 31. 

If 56 Rangers in the Forest Service, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Bureau of Land Management were killed in the line of duty, it would be news around the world.  

In the last 12 months, 56 protected area rangers in Africa have been killed by poachers.  One way to raise awareness of this issue and the need to eliminate poaching is to recognize and remember those who have died protecting…


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Below is a link for a live cam under water in an Alaskan river – fish should be arriving in mid-july.


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Save the Children Seeks Volunteers for Operation Recreation Response Corps

Save the Children is seeking qualified and highly motivated Parks and Recreation Professionals to launch the Operation Recreation Response Volunteer Corps and help keep children safe during U.S. emergencies. The effort kicks-off the Operation Recreation Response (ORR) initiative, an official partnership of Save…


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