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Welcome to the RecLink community! We are a group of people who share passion about quality outdoor recreation and its value to society. And RecLink is where we meet.

If you share our passion, we urge you to involve yourself in our RecLink community activities. Like recreation, Reclink is not a spectator sport. Your involvement energizes the community. So you are invited to participate in the conversations here, whether in one of our Groups, in a topical Forum thread, or on a blog.

Navigation Links

Notice that the site is easy to navigate using the links at the top of every page. No matter where you wander on RecLink, these links will stay there, so you can always find your way around. Take a hike to the Library or to the Forum and you'll see how easy it is. Of course, also notice that some of those top links, like Library, have a drop down sub-menu of other related links. These sub-menu links provide quick shortcuts, which will be handy once you know your way around.


Need an important document pertaining to sustainable recreation? Look for it in the Library. Notice that when you mouse-over the Library link, a drop down menu will provide you with some links to various information categories to help you find what you're looking for.


Groups provide you with an online meeting room where you can focus on a specific topic, collaborate on a document, or work as a team. Click on the Groups link, find a group that looks interesting, and select the link to join. If you don't see a group that resonates with you, feel free to start your own. Notice that when you create a Group, you have the option of keeping it public -- open to anyone to join -- or you can make it private, where membership is "by invitation only." Obviously, teams will want to keep their group private.


See an interesting, open discussion on the Forum? Don't be shy. Jump into the conversation. We are all here to communicate, participate, and collaborate. Your contribution is welcome! Of course, just as you do in conversations with colleagues in a workplace, be respectful, and follow our simple "Be Nice" guidelines for Content Contribution.


Have something to say? Use the Blog. Blogs are a great way to air new ideas and get feedback. Just remember that every member can read your blog, so no "inside jokes." (Of course, outside jokes are always welcome on RecLink!) Before you blog, please visit RecLink's How to Blog page for tips and guidelines.


The Events feature is a great way to let members know about upcoming conferences, meetings, or events related to sustainable recreation. You can invite anyone to join your event, even people who haven't yet joined RecLink! Each event can include a description section, a comment wall, and a list of RSVPs.

Visit the How to Add an Event page for more detailed information.


The Photos feature on your Ning Network allows you to upload photos and share them with other RecLink members. (Please remember to keep the file size of your photo under 100kb.)

You can decide who is able to view your photos on RecLink. When you upload a photo, you can choose whether the photo is viewable to "Anyone," "Just My Friends" or "Just Me."

For more information about photos, visit the Photo Help page

My Page

After you've explored, please introduce yourself on your own "My Page," where you can tell us about yourself, post photos, let others know your status, and communicate with colleagues. Read our "Quick My Page Guide" to help you customize the page to your liking.

If you have any questions about RecLink, please don't hesitate to email an Administrator.


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