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The Library of Congress

THOMAS > Legislative Information, 1973-Present (includes full text of bills, public laws, and the Congressional Record) 

U.S. Code

Title 16, Conservation > Browse all 92 Chapters of Title 16.

Code of Federal Regulations

Title 36: Parks, Forests, and Public Property

Bureau of Land Management

Laws, Regulations, Policies, Court Decisions

Forest Service

Forest Service Manual > The Forest Service Manual (FSM) contains legal authorities, objectives, policies, responsibilities, instructions, and guidance needed on a continuing basis by Forest Service line officers and primary staff to plan and execute assigned programs and activities.

Forest Service Handbooks > Forest Service Handbooks (FSH) are the principal source of specialized guidance and instruction for carrying out the direction issued in the FSM. Specialists and technicians are the primary audience of Handbook direction. Handbooks may also incorporate external directives with related USDA and Forest Service directive supplements.

Forest Service Policy and Law

National Park Service

Office of Policy


Management Policies


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