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A Personal Narrative of a US Forest Service Landscape Architect in the 1958-86 Period

ASLA Public Practice 12-point Plan > 1993

ASLA Response to Forest Service Concerns > 1992

Collection of snippets about landscape architects > 1969

First National Landscape Architects Workshop Program > 1992

First National Landscape Architects Workshop Statement   

Historic Landscapes of Forest Service Admin Sites in the Intermountain Region > US Forest Service, Wilson, 2010

Iverson Forest Service Landscape Architecture History > 1983

Landscape Architecture ASLA Brochure

LA Today, 10.28.92 (Workshop Newsletter) 

LA Today, 10.29.92 (Workshop Newsletter)

Landscape Architecture Leadership Team Meeting Agenda >  2007

Landscape Architecture Magazine: Seeing the Buildings for the Trees > 2004

Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design in the Forest Service > Blocker, 1993

Notes from Rai Behnert >  1997

Preliminary Draft of a Draft Charter for a National Forest Service Landscape Architects Association >  1992

Problems of Landscape Architecture in the National Forests > US Forest Service, Taylor, 1936

Speech by Barry Lopez from US Forest Service National Landscape Architect Conference > 1992

The Landscape Architect: A Career in the Forest Service 

The Public Sector Landscape Architect - Draft > 1993

The Role of Forest Service Landscape Architects > 1960s-70s

The Role of Landscape Architects in the Forest Service > Blocker, 1994

The State of Federal Design - Landscape Architecture > Report prepared for the National Endowment for the Arts. Schauman, 1989


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