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The ten focus areas of the Framework for Sustainable Recreation comprise high leverage actions that will help National Forests and Grasslands achieve sustainable recreation programs.

These focus areas will support communities of place and interest around our National Forests and Grasslands by addressing social, environment, and economic challenges. Community engagement, essential in maximizing these benefits, will also ensure that the Forest Service remains relevant in the face of our nation’s changing demographic character.

A field unit would ideally first align with its communities of place and interest in considering which focus area(s) to initially adopt. Using a collaborative approach has been effective on a number of forests and provides ideas about how to start engaging with these communities. After talking with all interested stakeholders, a number of key themes about the unit's role in the larger landscape will likely emerge.

The following papers on the Focus Areas provide background and benefits information, discussion of relevant topics, and links to references and tools.

Focus Areas


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