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Developing Successful Runoff Control Programs for Urbanized Areas - Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District, Fairfax, Virginia, 1994

Draft Visual Quality Report: Alpine Fuels Reduction Project - Greys River RD, Bridger-Teton National Forest - Forest Service

Land and Resource Management Plan for the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie - Forest Service, 2001

New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan: Reclaiming the City's Edge - Department of City Planning, City of New York, 2002

Paint the Town Green: Green Infrastructure for Tomorrow: A Plan for Open Space Reinvestment in Wisconsin's Communities -Community Open Space Partnership, 2006

Recommended Model Development Principles for Blair County, PA - Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and Center for Watershed Protection

Revitalizing Hudson Riverfronts - Scenic Hudson, 2010

Route 16 Corridor Protection Study: Community Design Manual - New Hampshire Department of Transportation, 1998

Station Area Development Guidelines for the Regional Transit Stations - Triangle Transit Authority, North Carolina

Study of the Desert Edge for the Sonoran Preserve - Arizona State School of Planning and Landscape Architecture, 2002

USDA Prime Design - Landscape Architecture Magazine, 2008

Visitor Preference for Forest Scenery in the Ouachita National Forest - Forest Service, 1994

Your Town: Designing Its Future - National Trust for Historic Preservation


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