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Do you have a question about using RecLink? Then ask the RecLink Help Desk (currently a  cadre of administrators) right here on this Forum, which is available to every RecLink member.
By asking your question here instead of in an email, every RecLink member can see the question and the response. That way, the question doesn't have to be answered many times.  So ask your question, and we'll do our best to answer quickly.

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I'll begin with a question I received via email.

Q. "I want to create a group for members that only I invite. But later I may want to allow anyone in the Group to invite new members. Can I do that?

A. Yes. Here's a link to a help page about Creating a Group.

When you create the group, you will be given two "Privacy" options. These two options determine who is allowed to become a member. The two options are 1) Anyone, and 2) Moderated Membership.

This is a choice that cannot be changed later, so choose wisely. Obviously, if your philosophy is "the more the merrier," then choose Anyone. But if you want to keep the membership limited, perhaps because it's a formal work team, you'll want to choose Moderated Membership.

If you choose Moderated Membership, you have three possible options. First, only you can select members. Second, anyone in the Group can invite other members. And third, RecLink members can request membership in the Group. These Moderated Membership options can be changed anytime.

Here's how:

When creating a Group, select Moderated Membership. Magically, two new selections will appear immediately beneath Moderated Membership, as in the image below:

Check the box or boxes that apply. Note: If you leave both boxes unchecked, only you, the Group Creator, can invite members. Later, if you want to give others the opportunity to invite new members, simply Edit the Group, and check the box that reads "Members can invite other people to join."
Q. I want to upload a document for group use / reference. How is that accomplished?
Hi, Allen. You successfully uploaded to this group. You can do the same in any of the other groups in which you are a member. You can also upload attachments to blogs and forum discussions. So the technique you used to attach the Sustainability-defs_combined.doc to your post here is how you would do it elsewhere on the site. I suspect your target group for this upload would be the Library Group. Once in there, the "librarians" can post a link to the document in the Library pages.
Is there any way to upload and attach files to events? I think it would be helpful to be able to post agendas, etc. on event calendar items.
Great question. Yes, there is indeed a way to add an attachment to an event.

When you select the "Add and Event" link, you will be taken to a page like the screenshot below, where you will find a place to attach a document.

(NOTE: Just remember that your attachment cannot exceed 5 mb -- most Word documents and pdf files fall under this limit, but be careful with PowerPoint slides or Publisher files.)

The discussion thread appears to not be working, I can't start a discussion. Is the site going through some updates or are the discussions being monitored by a administrator?
Hi, Dennis. No updates. And, no, we don't approve discussions in advance, so that's not the problem. Every member can start a new discussion thread.

Just go to the list of forum discussions. Then click on the + Add A Discussion link.

If this doesn't work for you, I might need a little more information about the problem. Let me know if you continue to have a problem.
Thanks, you were right the button is there.
I received this email question: Is it possible to post to two places in RecLink at once?

I'm not aware of a way to post to both a group and a forum at the same time. However, once you attach a file within a group, to a blog, or to a forum thread, the file is uploaded to the RecLink server and is given a URL (which is very lengthy). This document then appears as a link at the end of the comment, blog, or forum post. If you mouse over that document link, you can copy the URL by right clicking and saving the link address, which you can then copy and paste into any other location in RecLink as a link. So, to summarize, to get a file on the server, attach it; after that, just link to its URL.

Just a tip: when using a tabbed browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, open RecLink in two tabs. This makes it easy to open a link in one tab to copy it's URL, then move to the other tab which can be open to a group or forum where you can paste the link.







I'd post it on the "Hot Job/Outreach Postings??" in discussions. This link should take you there. This will also appear on the home page in the Forum section in the middle column.

John, I have included a document with some questions.  I am a bit confused and want to get set up right.  Also, I have to  introduce reclink on a conference call so I wanted to be able to anticipate some of these questions.  Mostly I would refer to you once they are online.  thanks.... Mary Hughes Frye, USFS R8



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